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We are JQ laser
Tube laser cutting machine, plate laser cutting machine

Technology at your service.

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A one-stop-shop full of devices.

From people to people.

From design and manufacturing to digital handling of tube, wire and sheet metal systems, we are JQ laser Lasertube, offering tube benders, saws, lathes, wire benders and laser cutters.

Our technology is available to people and we are committed to designing, manufacturing and digitizing systems to handle tube, wire and sheet metal.

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Digitization provides significant productivity gains and allows projects to move faster, allowing manufacturers to meet tighter deadlines.

In particular, manufacturers can quickly move from design to actual fabrication as changes come in from the engineering team.

The two branches of the Group.

We have grouped our skill in three different business segments to cultivate specific skills and further enhance them.


We are close to you.

It doesn’t matter where we operate because we are committed to resolving your concerns and meeting your individual needs as quickly as possible. We serve you in your own language, so you can feel confident that you will always get personal attention.

Our high-tech services are well suited for your industry.

You can find JQ laser high-tech solutions in almost any sector. The multitude of applications and solutions makes our services ideal for your needs.

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100% made in Chine
We like to take great pride in China's accomplishments in the fields of effort and ingenuity. We're proud of our knowledge in the world of mechatronics, our history of achievements, our flexibility, and the astounding adaptability of JQ laser.
Functional innocation
Innovating for we must mean more than introducing new products and services and implementing state-of-the-art technologies. For us, real innovation is measured not just in terms of process efficiency, effectiveness, and the output's tangible benefits for customers.
Constant support
We take you through the series of your needs to the delivery of the item, through maintenance, until the product life cycle is complete. We provide tailored solutions as well as efficiencies to maximise the efficiency of your manufacturing. Let us learn more about how we can accompany you.
A dedicated contact
You can contact your area manager at any time for assistance with speaking with a qualified JQ special laser.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@jqlaser.com”.