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Large pipe diameter cutting
up to 650mm
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Focus on tube laser cutting
13 years experience
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Dark light factory production
Building an intelligent factory
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JQ laser Products

Industries & Applications

Laser cutting machine is widely used for different industries, like Iron tower, automotive, Fitness equipment, steel pipe processing, construction machinery. It has a wide range of applications and can be used to cut various materials.

Steel structure industry
Iron tower industry
Construction machinery
Automotive manufacturing
Agricultural equipment
Bicycle production
Crane equipment
Elevator manufacturing
Fitness equipment
Furniture industry
Medical apparatus
Port machinery
Storage system
Wind power
kitchenware industry

In evidence

Learning from experience, simplifying your production.
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The elegance of metal
Tube laser cutting machines give shape to your design.
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Building with steel
Laser cutting solutions for tubes and beams.
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Tube store
24/7: profit never stops!
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Productivity. quality. zero compromise.
Discover the specific systems to make cut and end-formed tubes.
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Tool room
Tube cutting production changeover.
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